Private yoga session or condition specific yoga class with Heather Clarke RYT-500

Member of International Association of Yoga Therapists

As science begins to appreciate the power of mind-body connections, yoga is quickly becoming one of the most recognized practices for reducing stress and enhancing well-being.

A therapeutic yoga program is ideal for clients living with chronic pain, disease management, limited mobility or issues related to the immune and nervous systems as well as circulatory, digestive or respiratory systems. It is a gentle, intelligent approach to the practice of yoga following the components of breath work, functional movement and relaxation techniques. It is respectful and appropriate for each body and situation that will allow for healing and re-educating your body and mind.

As a Registered Yoga Teacher /Therapist, I offer my professional advice, integrity and attention to alignment, condition specific needs, rehabilitative care and mindfulness to each unique step of your journey. It is my pleasure to lead you through a yoga program designed for you. If you are addressing a specific health condition, recovering from injury, new to yoga movement or want to customize your current yoga practice, a series of one to one sessions or small class structure may be ideal for you. An initial assessment interview is part of the admission procedure for a therapeutic yoga program to determine an understanding of your concerns and needs.

Each 6 session program (either 1:1 or class) gradually builds on the 3 components of breath, movement and stillness. Using support of chairs, bolsters, walls and floor mats, therapeutic yoga allows for optimal personalized care. At the end of your program we will have created a routine for you to continue with at home highlighting the concerns and needs you identified.
Pre- registration is required for Therapeutic Yoga due to the personalized nature of the program and limited space.1:1 private session or 2-4 people in condition specific class.